Make a Name for Yourself as a Sponsor of Konzerthaus Dortmund!

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Strong partners who have a good sense of what business can learn from culture and culture from business are important. Together with all partners, patrons and sponsors, the Konzerthaus Dortmund positions itself as an engine for society and is committed to the region’s charisma and a high quality of life for all residents. The Konzerthaus helps to ensure that Dortmund and the region are perceived as attractive and innovative beyond the city and state borders. As a sponsor of the Konzerthaus Dortmund, your company is close to its affluent target group, which has been proven to appreciate exclusivity, quality and creativity. At the same time, sponsorship sends a signal to customers and employees: You take social responsibility, appreciate tradition and culture and enable your own spaces of experience and personal growth.

Sponsoring Benefits

As part of a sponsoring cooperation between your company and Konzerthaus Dortmund…

  • Position yourself as a value-focused employer and increase the attractiveness of the region for new workers
  • Offer your customers and employees exclusive receptions with a concert afterwards
  • Become part of a relevant network
  • Receive tailored offerings such as concerts, “Meet the Artist”, backstage tours or strategy workshops with the director

Together for Dortmund

»It is important to us to make our strengths available to charities in and around Dortmund too, such as the Konzerthaus Dortmund. This boosts the feel for the region and cooperation in the company.«

Detlev Höhner (Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG)

Sponsorship Forms

  • Partners

    Joint and individually designed positioning ensures mutually beneficial image transfer and is an important signal to your company’s customers and employees. Our partners support one to two concert series or a separate topic (for example, our community music programme, sustainability or digitalisation) and a Konzerthaus lounge, a popular meeting place for all our visitors, is named after them. We offer you the most exclusive rows and concerts and the largest selection of advertising services in return. You can become a partner from a sponsoring amount of 200,000 euros.

  • Main Sponsors

    As a main sponsor, you are deeply rooted in the region and see culture as a driver to shape and develop the location and society. You can position yourself next to well-known companies and make a significant contribution to the beacon effects of the hall and the region. As a main sponsor, you sponsor a whole concert series, for example one of the orchestra cycles or the master pianist series. These series span between five and seven concerts, but can also be individually combined from individual concerts, exclusive special concerts or the individually programmed “curating artist” series. You can become a main sponsor from a sponsoring amount of 75,000 euros.

  • Sponsors

    As a sponsor, your company is in direct contact with the loyal and quality-conscious guests of Konzerthaus Dortmund. The strong presence in Konzerthaus media shows that you are taking responsibility as a connoisseur and strengthening the region’s cultural offering. As a sponsor, you sponsor an individual orchestra concert or two to three chamber concerts. You can become a sponsor from a sponsoring amount of 30,000 euros.

  • Concert Sponsors

    As a concert sponsor, you support your choice of concert and appear with your logo and company name in the concert’s promotion. The intimate nature of the concert format inspires your guests and offers an ideal setting to gain the attention of particular company customers or to say thank you to your employees. You can become a concert sponsor from a sponsoring amount of 15,000 euros.

  • Sponsoring as an Association

    Achieve something big! This is what we offer to small companies and young start-ups. It is possible to support culture and network together in an intimate and exclusive setting with an association of a minimum of two companies and a sponsoring amount of 5,000 euros per company – with new contacts and fascinating conversations included.


  • What Can a Reception Look Like?

    You can find information about and images of our event areas on the “Hire” page. For your reception associated with sponsoring, three lounges of different sizes are available to you after consultation. You can invite your guests to a personalised reception before and after the concert and during the interval. Of course, we can also help to give you tips for a successful event.

  • Tax Benefits

    If sponsoring expenses are “work related”, then in principle they can be tax deductible, without limits, for the sponsor as company expenses.

  • Sponsoring versus Donations

    All donations for which a service is contractually agreed in return are considered to be sponsoring: for example, printing a company logo, allocating complimentary and employee tickets or naming a lounge, and its use for a reception or other advertising services. 
    Instead of receiving a donation receipt for tax relief, as is the case with a donation, an invoice is issued for sponsoring and any applicable taxes are indicated on this. Sponsoring is particularly interesting for companies because the sponsored amount is tax deductible without an upper limit.
    In contrast, a donation does not involve a service in return and fully supports a charitable aim.

  • Bank Account Details

    Please use the following Sparkasse Dortmund account number to transfer your sponsorship amounts: 
    IBAN DE64 4405 0199 0001 2345 60


A New Engine for Change for the Ruhr Region!

Konzerthaus Dortmund is a new engine for change in the region and is bringing its cultural treasures to light. Support this work with a donation.

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