Minimoderator*innen (Mini Presenters)

A Podcast by and for Children

We make a podcast with children:
Our podcast is called: The mini presenters.

What is a podcast anyway?
A podcast is a series to listen to.
Like a radio programme.
You can find them on the internet.
Our podcast is hosted by children.
Moderating means asking questions.
And talking to people.
That's why our podcast is called Mini presenters.

The mini presenters talk about what they see and experience at the Konzert·haus Dortmund.
For example, about meetings with musicians.
Or with the Konzert·haus team.
What happens backstage. 
Before the concert, for example.

Students help the children with this podcast.
The students come from Radio terzwerk at TU Dortmund University.
They discuss everything together beforehand.
And they explain the microphone.
This is used to record everything.
You can then listen to the podcast on this page, for example.

In co-operation with the Radio terzwerk of the TU Dortmund.

Westenergie supports the podcast with money.



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