Community Symphony

A musical voyage of discovery

Konzerthaus Dortmund

We are writing a symphony.
A symphony is a great piece of music.
We invent the music together.
We play and sing it.
It will be a piece about loneliness.
And about community.

We start together with the Aurora Orchestra.
That’s an orchestra from England.
Many different instruments play together in an orchestra.
The musicians help us:
How could the music sound?
How could it be presented on stage?

We start with an idea: an umbrella.
It protects from the rain.
And from the sun.
We have it with us.
You can share it.
You can make friends under it.

We work with this idea:
We write music for it.
We form our own orchestra.
We make stage decorations.

For all

Thu 27.06.2024 General rehearsal
Fri 28.06.2024 Summer picnic and performance

Creative music workshops
For everyone aged 16 and over

Sat 23.03.2024 with the Aurora Orchestra
Sat 13.04.2024
Sat 25.05.2024
Sat 22.06.2024

Creative Family Orchestra 
For children aged 6 and over and accompanying adults

Community orchestra
For everyone aged 16 and over

Rehearsals every Thursday from April 11.

You don't have to come to all the dates.
Just let us know.


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