Rhino Kids

Children attend concerts

  • Rhino-Kids-Club-T-Shirt

Children are welcome in the Konzerthaus!
The Rhino-Kids meet before the concert. 
The children are allowed backstage.
We get to know the music.
We sing and play instruments.
Sometimes we also meet musicians.

Please register the children.

  • Info about the Rhino-Kids

    Children aged 6 to 12 can take part.

    Afterwards, the children go to the concert with their parents, grandparents or other adults.
    The concert ticket for children is then free of charge.

    Children can also come without parents or other adults:
    We then go to the concert with them.
    This costs €5.

    The children often come to a concert?
    Then they get a T-shirt for the Rhino Kids Club.

  • Please register

    Call: 0231 – 22696 200
    Or drop by the ticket office.


    • Wed 10 April 2024
    • 6.00pm


    Einführung für Kinder

    Location Konzerthaus Dortmund

    • Wed 10 April 2024
    • 7.00pm

    Junge Wilde – Christina Gansch

    Händel, der Spion – eine One-Woman-Opera mit Kammerensemble

    Location Konzerthaus Dortmund


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