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A Network of Discerning Music Lovers

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Ambassadors are well-known people who support Konzerthaus Dortmund in intellectual and financial ways. Your donations will finance remarkable concerts. They support the reputation and concerns of the hall in society, politics and business and contribute to Konzerthaus Dortmund remaining a musical equal of halls in Europe’s capital cities. This is how ambassadors help Konzerthaus Dortmund to be a key locational factor for the future of the city and the region.

Message from the Ambassador Board

We are happy to have one of Europe’s best concert halls in our city. Its varied programme has been impressing its audiences for 20 years. 
We constantly see the importance of music, not only in Dortmund but over the whole world. Music creates happy moments! Music brings people together, overcoming barriers and crossing frontiers! It provides new impetus!
The number of ambassadors at Konzerthaus Dortmund has continuously increased over the years. It is a trans-regional group with a common centre: the Konzerthaus with its special cultural and personal interactions. Being ambassadors of the Konzerthaus is an honour and a delight for us.
The high quality of the hall and the performance of the team deserve to be better communicated to the city, the region and the state. The attractiveness of the region and therefore the economy benefit from this. It’s worth being part of it!


As a sign of our appreciation, the group of ambassadors is named in each season brochure in association with two concerts or series. To highlight the importance of the commitment of individuals, one of these two is traditionally the opening concert of the season. 
As a personal thank you for the great commitment of the group of ambassadors, the ambassadors are also named, if they wish, on the ambassador wall in the foyer, in the season brochure, in the “hörbar” Konzerthaus magazine and here on the website.
We organise exclusive ambassador-only events. Here, you can exchange ideas in depth with the director, you are also allocated a personal contact person and can enjoy special benefits with the Konzerthaus card for ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors

In guter Gesellschaft – Unsere Mitglieder

Georg Abel – Mercedes Benz NL Dortmund, Liselotte and Dr Helmut von Achten, Prof Dr Lutz Aderhold

Dr Andreas Bellmunt, Anja Berninghaus, Heinrich Böckelühr – President of the district government Arnsberg, Britta and Roland Bracht, Gabi and Dr Michael Brenscheidt, Lilo and Frank Bünte

Peter Cremer

Heidrun and Dr Hans von Dewall, Susanne and Udo Dolezych, Dr Stephen Dunker – DHPD Wirtschaftsprüfer u. Steuerberater

Sabine and Dr Klaus Engel

Dr Fatma Michels and Dr Bukurije Plasger – Frauenarztpraxis Michels and Plasger, Dr Ansgar Fendel – REMONDIS, Christa Frommknecht

Ingrid Gantenbrink, Beatrice and Thomas Goeke, Iris and Volker Goeke, Johannes Großpietsch – Busche Verlagsgruppe

Benjamin Heinig, Christoph Helbich – SHA Scheffler Helbich Architekten GmbH, Inka and Dr Mazen Hilal, Uta Höfling, Detlev Höhner – Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG, Martina and Hans Jörg Hübner

Ann-Grit and Peter Jülich

Hans-Jörg Karthaus, Prof Dr Stefan Kirmße, Annette and Dr Uwe Kiszka, Dr Wolfram Kiwit – Verlag Lensing-Wolff, Dr Martin Kleine, Sarah and Herbert Kleinewiese, Dr Michael Kohler – audalis Kohler Punge & Partner, Felix Krämer – Krämer Brennerei Likörfabrik & Schokolaterie, Traudel Kroh, Dr Manfred Kühne, Dr Alice L. and Dr Jochen Kühner

Dr Gunther Lehleiter, Margrit and Ulrich Leitermann, Dr Thomas Lichtenberg, Dr Eva and Dr Rainer Löb, Johanna Lonnemann – Lensing Druck GmbH & Co. KG

André Maiwald – Maiwald Klavier & Flügel Galerie, Michael Martens, Dortmunder Volksbank, Jutta and Hans-Hugo Miebach, Lukas Minssen

Dietrich Nill, Margarete and Axel Nill, Susanne and Medard Nolden

Marc T. Oehler, Renate and Dr. Jochen Opländer

Gabriele and Günter Pantel, Prof Dr Tido Park – PARK Wirtschaftsstrafrecht., Ines Pohlmann-Feuerhake-Fund and Peter Pohlmann, Beatrix Polchau

Marie-Luise Kauermann and Prof Helmut Riester

Michael Sander, Wolfgang Scharf, Creditreform Dortmund Scharf GmbH, Dirk Schaufelberger, Cornelia und Thomas Schieferstein, Marie-Theres Schnarrenberger-Weitkamp, Familie Schneider, Dr Arne Schneider; Elmos Stiftung, Dr Wolfgang Schröder, Christoph Schubert – Husemann Eickhoff Salmen & Partner GbR, Angelika Ullm and Architekt Ralf Schulte-Ladbeck, A-SL-Baumanagement, Reinhold Semer, Mechtild and Paul Th. Steinau, Marie Elise and Dr Hans Stetter

Helma and Dr Heinz-Siegmund Thieler

Prof Dr Detlev Uhlenbrock – MVZ Prof Dr Uhlenbrock & Partner, Emil and Christiane Underberg, Prof Dr Angela and Wilfried Utermann

Axel Vosschulte

Iris Woerner, Martina and Thomas Wrede and othe other ambassadors not named

The Ambassador Board

Detlev Höhner 
Managing Director of Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG.

Deputy Spokesperson
Iris Woerner
Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Iris Woerner

Johannes Großpietsch 
Managing Director of Busche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

Dr. Jochen Opländer 
Wilo-Foundation founder

Dirk Schaufelberger
Chairman of the Board of Sparkasse Dortmund

Martina Wrede
Stiftung Wrede


  • How Can I Become an Ambassador?

    New members are recommended by active ambassadors. Please speak to members of the group of ambassadors for a recommendation. If you need support when getting in contact, please email us at botschafter@konzerthaus-dortmund.de

  • Bank Account Details

    Would you like to make an ambassador donation or a general donation? The IBAN of our Sparkasse Dortmund donation account is: DE64 4405 0199 0001 2345 60

  • How Much Is the Contribution?

    As an ambassador, you make an indispensable contribution to the high artistic standard of Konzerthaus Dortmund with your financial support. We can inform you of the ambassador contribution amount in a personal discussion. Of course, a voluntary increase in the amount is also possible at any time and is greatly appreciated. You will receive a donation receipt for tax relief.


A New Engine for Change for the Ruhr Region!

Konzerthaus Dortmund is a new engine for change in the region and is bringing its cultural treasures to light. Support this work with a donation.

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