A matter of vocation!

More than 30 committed Dortmunders make the Konzerthaus something special, getting involved in their free time and helping in many areas of work. You can decide the time commitment. You look after the sales and information stand for concerts, help with mailing campaigns and with childcare. Recently, our volunteers have also started helping in the area of community music and enthusiastically supporting our musical projects for everyone. The Konzerthaus would not be able to offer many services for its customers and guests without our volunteers.

»What is best in music is not to be found in the notes.« Gustav Mahler

For me, the best thing about the Konzerthaus is not only the music and the acoustics but also my volunteering role, in which I can meet lovely music fans.
Brigitta Schophaus (Konzerthaus volunteer since 2011)

Our Volunteers

In guter Gesellschaft – Unsere Mitglieder

Gudrun Arndt

Marianne Balzer, Edeltraud Bauer, Maxie Bethge, Christel Bloß, Petra Bolla

Gabriele Dransfeld

Ursula Gevelhoff, Kurt Günther

Dr. Michael Hager, Ursula Hasse, Elisabeth and Heinz Heiart, Asmaa and Dr. Matthias Hennes, Liselotte Herwig, Anne Hölscher

Anna Kirschniok, Elsa Krause, Doris Krede, Anne-Charlotte Krutoff, Renate Kuhne

Gudrun Malinkewitz, Frederike Mikkin, Hela Mikkin

Andrea Prigge

Ralf Retinski, Rosemarie Rüther, Ursula Ruzicka

Veronika Schauß, Brigitta Schophaus, Knut Schweitzer, Christa Strube

Ingrid Vits, Monika von Wenserski-Hemmer

Daniel Werner, Ursula and Detlef Wnuck and other unnamed volunteers

Current Tasks for Volunteers

  • Sales and Info Stand

    Look after our sales and info stand before and after the concert and during the interval, offering guests everything from rhino key rings to practical mugs and helpful information related to their concert attendance.

  • Community Music

    Are you happy to be around other people? And do you value music’s power to unite people? Then community music is the right place for you! We need helping hands for the workshops to support the community music team, make coffee, to get instruments ready or simply to chat with participants.

  • Tours of the Konzerthaus

    Do you know a lot about the history of the Konzerthaus, its architecture, its artists and its programme? Share your knowledge and become a member of the team of volunteers, who offer tours for groups. You use a guide to lead registered groups through the foyer, hall and the backstage area and give them information about the Konzerthaus. 

  • Childcare

    Welcome our small Konzerthaus guests as part of the “Sonntags um Vier” (Sundays at four) series. Take care of the children by leading them through the hustle and bustle of the backstage area into the orchestra practice room and informing the parents whether everything is OK with their children during the interval. With your involvement, you enable young couples to visit concerts in a relaxed and carefree way.


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