Minimoderator*innen (Mini Presenters)

A Podcast by and for Children

The mini presenters report from Konzerthaus Dortmund, go behind the scenes, attend concerts and meet artists or employees. There’s loads to discover! Together with students from Dortmund TU, they develop their own podcast, consider what interests them, ask questions, conduct interviews and record all their experiences and discussions! They are right in the middle of the action! More podcasts will be produced in the course of the season.
In cooperation with the radio of the TU Dortmund, terzwerk, and with the kind support of westenergie

For the next two episodes, which will be produced on 28.04.2023 at the concert of Salut Salon and on 17.05.2023 at the Organ special with Rudolf Lutz, children aged 6 to 12 years can apply. The podcast production is preceded in each case by a preparatory meeting with students of the TU Dortmund in the concert hall. On the production day itself, in addition to audio recordings and interviews, the program includes a free concert visit with the other mini presenters and one accompanying person per child. The offer is free of charge and no previous knowledge is required.

If you are interested, please contact Elisa Beck and name the date you are interested in.



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